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In a manufacturing facility last thing you want is a leak in your equipment. A liquid or gas leak could put a wrench in production and halt a facility for hours or days. Being able to monitor places of risk for a leak is crucial to efficiency, production and safety. Some leaks may be as innocent as a bad seal for air pressure, while another could be hazardous gas escaping into a poorly ventilated area. For those reasons, leak detection manufacturers have to come up with ways to closely monitor places of risk for leaks. There are a number of things to take into account when manufacturing a leak detector.

The four main types of leak detectors are electronic leak detectors, flame ionization leak detectors, ultrasonic leak detectors and gas detectors. Each type of leak detector listed has variations of its own. To add, some leak detectors are stationary and fit into the circuit that the gas or liquid is flowing through to constantly monitor the circuit. While others are hand held or portable in order to check on certain points or places where a stationary monitor are not able to be attached.

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