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Leak Detection

Leak detection is a technique used to find leaks in industrial systems. The detection techniques can be internal or exterior, depending on where the leak detection system is installed. Leaks often escape when a metal container begins to suffer from corrosion. Leak detection offers an alternate way to test for corrosion damage. Read More…

Leak Detection Leak detection is the process of measuring the discharge of gases, liquids, or vacuums from closed systems. Leak detection can be completed via electronic, chemical, and sound-sensitive technologies.
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Lexington, MA  |  800-882-7426

Total vacuum and leak detection solutions, including VS Series Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors. We provide industry-leading mass spectrometer and selective ion pumping leak detectors in portable, mobile and component models, as well as primary, high and ultra-high vacuum pumps.

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Agilent Technologies: Vacuum Products Division $$$

Milwaukee, WI  |  414-282-4840

Dorlen Products specializes in water leak detection services and products like water leak detectors, Ceiling Guard, Water Alert, plus Water Alert and Sensor Cable. These products come with a five-year warranty. We have been providing high-quality products and service since 1975. For more information, call Dorlen or visit our website!

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Dorlen Products, Inc. $$$

Nashua, NH  |  800-248-8254

The Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 340 performs helium or hydrogen leak detection in vacuum and sniffer modes. It detects leaks to 5x 10-12 mbar l/s in vacuum mode and 5x10-9 mbar l/s in sniffing mode. This durable, high performance leak detector offers I/O interface, SD memory card and wireless remote operation up to 100 meters.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. $$$

Niles, IL  |  847-966-2190

PermAlert™ is the leading leak detection technology provider since 1988. As a division within the PERMA-PIPE, Inc. company, we work closely with clients across the globe to address their leak detection challenges and ensure maximum protection of their assets. PerrmAlert design, manufacture, and service a range of leak detection systems for a variety of applications. Our commitment to innovation allows us to deliver the best and most reliable solution for our clients.

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Perma-Pipe, Inc. $$$
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leak detector

One can detect leaks manually with hand-held inspection tools. Automated technical leak detection systems continuously monitor system leaks and signal when leaks are found. Leak detection seeks to minimize, stop, and regulate accidental liquid or gas discharges.

Types of Leak detectors

Acoustic leak detector

The acoustic leak detector records the sound waves created by leaks and sends the leak's location to the safety control center. Leaks cause pipes under pressure to hiss, whoosh, splash, or thud with high-frequency sounds. Since each form of leak produces a different sound, the type of sound waves relies on their size, type of material, and type of leak. A highly sensitive transducer detects sound waves within an acoustic leak detector. A technician is informed that the sound's volume correlates directly with the pipe's pressure.

Flame Ionization Detector

A flame ionization detector comprises a hydrogen-air flame and a collection plate. As it travels through the flame, the effluent from the GC column breaks down organic molecules and creates ions. A biased electrode collects the ions, which then generate an electrical signal.

flame ionization detector

Fluorescent leak detection

Fluorescent leak detection is a quick and non-intrusive method for locating leaks in closed-loop systems using circulating fluid. The dye improves the search for leaks and helps determine whether the fluid being observed is an active leak in the system because it is made to be compatible with the existing hydraulic fluid and machine surfaces. The reservoir of the apparatus fills with a fluorescent dye, is mixed with the host fluid, and circulated through the system. A violet or ultraviolet flashlight initiates the luminous response after it has finished circulating. If there is a leak, the device will illuminate the leak when scanned.

Infrared Open Path Gas Leak Detection

Infrared open path gas detectors absorb infrared light at particular wavelengths as the radiation travels through a gas. This helps determine the gas concentration of a leak. The detector consists of a light source and a light detector that measures the light's wavelength intensity. The wavelengths of active and reference absorption are measured by the two light sources. The discrepancy in wavelengths tells how much gas is present.

High Voltage Leak Detection

High voltage leak detection is a high-speed pinhole or dielectric flaw detection approach for components built-in high-speed production. The test item is sandwiched between two electrodes. While one electrode is grounded, the other electrode has a higher voltage. If the substance under test is solid, no voltage will flow from the elevated electrode to the grounded electrode, indicating that the item is flawless.

Applications for Leak detectors

  • Hydraulics: Most leaks in a hydraulic system are visible externally, so most leak detectors are used for internal leak detection where visibility is infringed.
  • Food packaging: Used to make sure food products are airtight.
  • Air conditioning: Leaks in air conditioners cause refrigerant leaks that can harm the compressor.

Advantages of leak detection

  • Loss Prevention: Environmental protection is the main concern for leaks. However, it’s also important to consider profit loss. Manufacturers may lose profitable resources through unmonitored leakage. Companies can reduce asset losses with an effective, dependable leak detection system.
  • Labor reduction: Modern leak detection devices have the added benefit of preventing the need for digging and searching by identifying, localizing, and mapping the position of a leak before it becomes obvious. As a result, a leak is found and fixed with little harm.
  • No interference: The operation of a facility is not impacted by leak-detecting equipment. They are positioned in strategic locations where they can offer the most quantity of data. Their installation serves the primary purpose of safeguarding employees and resources without interfering with productive activity.
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